Whatever you are, be a Rockstar.

When you are ready to execute on goals that inspire you, it's time to get a supercoach on your team.

I coach students, entrepreneurs, writers, and job-seekers to design and achieve goals that lead them to their most extraordinary lives. Are you ready?  Well then...

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"I'd be foolish to think my successes came without your help. That's a debt I'll only be able to repay by helping someone else along the way."

-Ben S., 2016


An extraordinary life awaits.

One-on-one coaching is a gift to your future self. Let's design goals that will take you straight for your dreams, and then I will show you how to get there, step by step. 

Don't wait. The future is coming.


How we do it depends on you.

I am a certified professional coach with specialized ADHD training, if you need it. I meet with some clients every other week; others four times a month.  We meet over Zoom, we talk-and-walk, and we text and email. 

Typically, it all adds up to 4-6 hours per month.  We will figure out the details together so they work for you.

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Let's Grow Together

My clients have gained admission and scholarships to their top college choices, landed their dream jobs, finished books, gotten published, launched businesses, made peace with grief, and renewed their marriages. They've learned to speak up, settle down, take risks, and breathe more. 

And I have learned so much from them as well.

Great coaching is always a partnership.
What will we do together?