Dear Class of 2020

Uncategorized May 28, 2020

And dear all the rest of us, too.

I know the Class of 2020. You have what it takes.

We owe it to this week's graduates to give you a long view. We will share with you our hard-earned wisdom. We will not just give them platitudes and homespun parties. We will show you our scars.

We will tell you about the time we thought the world was ending, and it didn't. About how everything changes in two years. About how one day, we looked up, and the sun was rising.

We will not only say things like, "We're all in this together," and, "Let's just wait and see," but also tell you the truth about the ways we learned that the deeper the valley was, the higher the peak was beyond it. You need to know that when we thought we couldn't climb anymore, and we climbed anyway, boy was the view worth it.

 If you need to, I will take you for a walk and explain how, when gas prices doubled, our granddads had to sell their watches to keep the house, and keep the house they did. I will reassure you that many people lose everything and gain it all backand more.

We owe it to you to lead the way, too. To show you how to acknowledge the fear of the unknown, make the best choices we all can, and then be bold.

I can tell you about the times, when I needed help, my friends were there. I might even call those friends with you and laugh and let you know that you'll have friends when you need them too.

We ARE proud of you, Class of 2020. And even more than that, we are CONFIDENT that you have what it takes. You do.

Go out and thrive anyway.


Wait! This really matters.

Many students end up on a local campus (or one very far away!) by default, because they didn't have the guidance to find a great college match. 

We won't let that happen.