May 1 is still Deposit Deadline at 400+ colleges and universities

Uncategorized Apr 22, 2020

If you or a student you know is weighing a May 1 deposit decision this week, please call me. I will help you talk through your options for a $20 donation to the Red Cross. No catch. 

You can book time here:

The National Association of College Admissions Counselors is still reporting 419 colleges and universities who have held to the traditional May 1 deadline for students to make commitments and enrollment deposits. (See the NACAC database here.)

Thousands of high school seniors are agonizing this week over whether or not to shell out several hundred dollars to hold their spot at a school that probably has reserved the right not to make decisions about whether they will even open their campuses in August. That does make me angry, but as I'm constantly reminding my clients, being angry at the unfairness doesn't help you get where you want to go (usually). 

The fact is, if you are one of these students, one of my favorite old saws is definitely true here:

You don't have to be sure by next Friday,
but you do have to decide.

My heart goes out to these families, because this year a tough choice seems almost impossible. That's why this week I am focusing all our coverage on decision-making tools and news that can help.

In addition to my offer at the top to talk to any family who is weighing this decision this week, on our Saturday Now What? News webconference, I will be talking through a basic decision tree I'm putting together to help with this seemingly impossible choice. register for a secure Zoom log-in here.

And at, you can find a growing list of resources and tools for comparing and searching for schools that meet your family's goals and needs.


Wait! This really matters.

Many students end up on a local campus (or one very far away!) by default, because they didn't have the guidance to find a great college match. 

We won't let that happen.